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Dental Crowns

A crown is essentially a hollow porcelain tooth that is designed to provide strength and prevent further damage to a natural tooth. A crown is fitted and slipped over the prepared affected tooth. Crowns are also used in certain procedures such as bridges or root canals and are primarily implemented on teeth that are damaged with chips or cracks, or that have large cavities that compromise a tooth’s strength.

Some secondary uses include sealing a sensitive tooth or closing minor gaps between teeth. To start the procedure, Dr. Creaghe removes any damaged or decaying portions of your tooth. This may involve minor grinding or drilling. Then a mold of the area is made from which to take precise measurements, and the crown is fabricated in a dental laboratory.

The procedure will be completed at your next appointment when the crown is bonded into its permanent position. For beautifully designed and skillfully placed crowns, contact Dr. Creaghe’s office in San Rafael, CA. We utilize the latest in dental technology (CEREC). This allows us to deliver a more precise fitting crown in faster time than traditional labs. CEREC’s accuracy and precision ensures a high quality crown in an efficient manner.

Before & After (lower) Crowns

Before Lower Crowns
Storm Damage Fence After
After Lower Crowns
Storm Damage Fence Before

We Provide an array of general and costmetic dental services
to give you a healthy and beautiful smile!

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Dental Services

Dental Services San Rafael, CA

See a full list of both general and cosmetic dental services we offer at the practice of Dr. Richard F. Creaghe D.D.S.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Dental Implants

The Implant Specialists

If you have lost or missing teeth you may wish to consider a dental implant from Richard Creaghe, DDS.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael


Same Day Crowns

Crowns are designed to provide strength and prevent further damage to your natural teeth.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Family Dentistry

Dentistry for the Whole Family

A visit to the dentist’s office isn’t just about checking for cavities anymore – we use the latest in techniques.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Innovations in dental technology have made a trip to the dentist’s an entirely new experience.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Dental Veneers

Strong and Durable

The use of porcelain veneers is one of the most effective ways to conceal imperfections in teeth.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael


For Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth with a restoration that is strong and durable.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Clear Braces

Cosmetic Excellence

ClearCorrect invisible braces are the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth so you can show off your smile!

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Composite Fillings

Dental Innovation

For over 150 years, cavities were filled with a mixture of metals, including silver and mercury. Not anymore.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Root Canals

Biocompatible Materials

As one of the top dentists in San Rafael, CA, he will quickly determine if a root canal, or another procedure, is necessary.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Teeth Whitening

A Confident Smile

Having beautiful white teeth is important because your smile is one of the most noticeable of your features.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael


A Natural-Looking Solution

Having complete dentures help with chewing as well as support one’s facial structure and improve speech.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael


Gingivitis & Gum Disease

Periodontics refers to the treatment and maintenance of the structure that supports your teeth – namely, the gums and bone matter.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Restorative Dentistry

Functional Improvements

The aim of restorative dentistry is to repair teeth and mouth structures to make chewing and bite alignment healthy and pain-free.

Dental Implant Dentist San Rafael

Supra Gingival Dentistry

Certified Member

Dr. Creaghe has been certified by the Academy of Supra-Gingival Healthy Dentistry to provide a healthier form of dentistry since 2017.

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Standards of Excellence

These products and services meet Dr. Creaghe's standards of excellence. We are proud to offer them as part of our unique dentistry practice.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

In-office whitening treatments For the most dramatic whitening results.

Clear Braces

ClearCorrect clear aligners straighten teeth invisibly, without metal braces.

Teeth Implants

Hiossen produces safe, state-of-the-art dental implant technology.

Cerec Milling

It is the most used dental CAD/CAM system world-wide creating highly-esthetic, metal-free restorations without the need of impressions or temporaries.

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