It's a necessity for you to get in touch with a dentist in Corte Madera so you can keep your teeth looking their best while making sure they aren't at risk of developing any serious diseases. You can contact Richard Creaghe, DDS when it comes to getting all of your general dental services taken care of. In fact, you can contact his office in the event that there is ever some kind of emergency that you have that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

All Kinds of Treatments are Available

You can contact Richard Creaghe, DDS for help with many different treatments associated with keeping your teeth healthy. You can utilize the following services at Dr. Creaghe's office:

Implants are available as well as crowns, veneers and bridges. Cosmetic services are available with the BriteSmile system being just one of many options. Composite fillings are available for patients who need help with keeping their smiles looking right. Periodontal disease treatments are also available for all clients to utilize. Root canal treatments can be utilized for serious needs. You can even receive an emergency treatment in the event that you are suffering from serious pain. Dr. Creaghe can even provide patients with help for getting clear braces. Dentures can be customized and drafted by Dr. Creaghe's office.

You can rest assured that you will receive the best care from Dr. Creaghe and his entire team. Dr. Creaghe has particularly been providing people in the Corte Madera area since 1990.

Several Services are Easy to Utilize

Dr. Creaghe's office includes a series of helpful tools dedicated to improving your teeth and to diagnose any emergency concerns that might come up. You can get digital x-rays taken through his office while utilizing some of the newest forms of dental technology to see what you need to get taken care of.

This can all be used with all major forms of insurance accepted including BCBS, Prudential, MetLife, United Concordia and Cigna policies. Financing is available for all regular and emergency treatments and credit cards are always accepted for any kind of treatment that you might require.

Services are Always Available

It's clear that dental emergencies can occur at any time. A tooth can break or some orthodontic appliances might stop working properly or wear out. Dentures can break at any time just as well. You'll need to get a dentist in Corte Madera to help you out when any of these problems do develop.

It doesn't matter what kind of dental emergency you might suffer from. You can get Richard Creaghe, DDS to help you out with any kind of emergency no matter when it happens. Just contact him at (415) 366-0245 for help if you ever experience a dental problem that needs to be taken care of soon. Dr. Creaghe or one of the many members of his team can help you out with emergency services to take care of whatever problems might come up over time.

Remember, your smile is important to your overall appearance and must be taken care of if you want to keep looking your best. Contact Richard Creaghe at (415) 466-0245 if you need help with you dental needs.