With over 23 years of experience, Dr. Richard Creaghe is the premiere dental practice of Marin County, CA. If you're in Ross and have dental needs, Dr. Creaghe's office is the go-to place with the latest equipment and an exceptional staff. Conveniently located in San Rafael, CA, Dr. Creaghe's practice is a step above the rest with his dedication to his patients. By keeping up to date with the latest dental practices and research, Dr. Creaghe is able to offer the best service to the people of Ross with a wide range of specialties from aesthetic dentistry such as tooth fillings, dental implants, BriteSmile, veneers, as well as emergency dental care. Dr. Creaghe can restore your beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening, and dentures. Being a patient with Dr. Creaghe's office means that you will have access to the best in dental care.

No more will you have to be afraid or nervous in the dentist chair. Equipped with the best staff and keeping up with the latest breakthroughs and changes in the dental industry, Dr. Creaghe is able to provide exceptional service with the customer's health in mind. One of the latest services he and his team are able to provide are digital x-rays, which reduces radiation by 35-40% and Dr. Creaghe shares his finding with his patients so that treatment is a team effort where everyone understands their dental health and no one is in the dark. With the latest in dentistry technology and equipment, treatment is not only quicker, but more comfortable than ever before.

If you need emergency dental care in Ross, then Dr. Creaghe is the dentist for you! Dr. Creaghe believes that dentistry is a life-long duty and a continued service to the Ross community, as his patients may need him at anytime even when it's night time or early in the morning. Service doesn't end just because the appointment is over. With this in mind, he is available 24/7 for emergency dental care for the residents of Ross and the rest of the Bay Area. Dr. Creaghe understands that the dental emergencies don't always happen during office hours and that severe dental injuries such as broken teeth need to be cared for immediately. He constantly makes himself available for emergency appointments, so matter what your emergency is, Dr. Creaghe is there for you to take care of the problem when you need him.

Dr. Creaghe believes in providing dental services to anyone who needs them. To make this possible, his practice accepts many different types of insurance, accepts credit cards, as well as offer financing. By providing exceptional service with an impressive background in the dental industry, Dr. Creaghe's office stays on top above the competition by caring about the customer first above personal needs with constant availability and the best equipment to ensure the best diagnosis and treatment for your dental health. With Dr. Creaghe, Ross residents have a dentist that they can trust who cares about them and available to them 24/7 when crisis arises. Make your appointment today and see for yourself!