When you live in Marin County, you may be wondering how you can link up with a trusted dental professional. Think about working with Dr. Richard Creaghe, DDS, who is one of the most trusted names in the area. This is because he can provide a whole host of dental services to anyone that needs them. If you need to find a dentist in San Anselmo, you will want to take a look at a full list of procedures he can perform for you. This can help you decide what kind of services you may want to ask about. Think about whether you can get the service you need from the experts at this dental clinic.

First, you will want to hear about the emergency dental care that you can get from here. If you have any issue come up at any time, you can book emergency appointments with this clinic. They will be staffed and ready to help you find the emergency dental care in San Anselmo that you need. They can provide X-rays that can identify the emergency dental care issue that you are facing. Here, you can get linked up with a dentist in San Anselmo that genuinely cares about providing top service to the patients that come by the clinic.

You can have many other types of dental procedures performed at this clinic as well. You may want to try to get veneers, which can enhance the look of your teeth and cover up minor imperfections. Crowns can be used if you need to protect a tooth from further harm. A number of people have also found that this is the best place for family dentistry around. This is because the staff here can help kids with any dental issues that they face. If your child needs to get braces, you may want to talk to Dr. Richard Creaghe, DDS.

Senior citizens may want to think about coming to this clinic if they need to get fitted with dentures or undergo restorative dentistry. There are actually many modern techniques that can help people manage issues like these. You may be surprised by how easy the procedure will go, thanks to the expertise of the staff at this clinic. Think about how important it can be to get the right set of dentures from your dentist in San Anselmo. These may need to fit you for quite some time, so try to get the best pair you can.

This clinic is even set up to handle some more advanced dental issues and surgeries that you may be facing. If you need a root canal, you can set up an appointment to discuss this option here. You might also want to think about dealing with periodontal or gum disease sometime soon. You may be impressed by the skill of the staff that work here when they help you handle these issues. Talk to them about the treatment options that you have available once the initial surgery is complete. They can help you effectively manage your dental diseases or other issues that you may have.